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Gardermoen Airport, Oslo, Norway

Type: Site Specific Insallation
Role: Architect/Artist [in partnership]

Team: Don Lawrence, Tanja Thorjussen




The installation consists of corresponding colored lights on each side of Gardermoen airport's sky bridge:

1.Along the east wall, LED lights in rainbow colors are mounted vertically
2.While colored glass will be installed on the horizontal windows on the west wall.

Together they affect the light in the long room, giving travelers the sensation of going through a rainbow on the way to their flights. We think this can be both soothing and interesting.
Rainbows provide a strong mythological association that people of all cultures can relate to. It is something you always see in a particular 42 degree angle, thus one can never reach its beginning or end.
In Norse mythology, Bifrost , the quivering bridge, takes the form of a rainbow between Asgård ( The Gods World ) and Midgard (the human world). Bifrost is a classic interpretation of the rainbow as a liaison and passage between humanity and the divine world.

Our intention is that the work can provide a metaphysical and physical experience as well as an association with mythology and folklore.