St. Hanshaugen - Oslo, Norway

Type: Comissioned project
Role: Project Architect

Team: Don Lawrence, Ka Yeung Chi, (Post production: Maria Makri, Carlos Martinez Bayona)

The Akersbakken Housing Association asked us to create a bicycle hotel that is unobtrusive in the landscape, and accessible so as to inspire increased use of bicycles among the residents. To approach this, we had to think beyond a conventional free-standing building. ⁠ ⁠

The solution was a building that was integrated into the landscape. Enclosed by two concrete walls, the project is designed to give the impression of a continuous free-flowing extension of the existing hill, integrating with the local grasses, shrubs, and wildflowers, changing its appearance with every season. ⁠

We aspired to create a space that is simple, easy to get around in, and that feels safe and accessible from different directions. The structure connects the surrounding paths from various access points and holds a capacity of 50-70 bicycles. It is supported by 20 timber beams, placed in successive order with some rising above the others to allow natural light to filter into the space underneath and at the same time limit ambient light from the structure at night .⁠