Energy-Field as Space Generator

Type: Studio & Research Project
Role: Project Architect

Team: Don Lawrence

The threshold-shear energy is a force that has the capacity to bring separate volumes of spaces together. By sliding past each other in opposite directions, a shear condition is created. In this process of shearing, a threshold is created between the two spaces at their planes of contact.

In exploring this energy field, I built various models to represent it. In my first attempt in making a representation of this energy-field, I chose to build a model using foam which I then cast in concrete. The foam represent the volumes of space interacting. When the foam is removed, voids are created within the concrete. The intent is to represent a snapshot, or a frozen moment, within the energy field as the volumes slide past each other.


In my interpretation of the energy-field, I was inspired by the sense of space that was enclosed. I used concrete as a medium to develop and explore this energy-field. The concrete recalls the quality of sliding motion of geological plates. The material and the process are instrumental in shaping the idea itself. The process of bringing it into a model with foam and concrete created the interaction of parallel worlds. The shape of the spaces interested me as they were asymmetrical and skewed.